Who are we?

When we started Tolerant Networks the intention was to look at the options for commercialising aspects of the Delay-Tolerant Networking (DTN) technology that we've helped develop as part of the Delay-Tolerant Networking Research Group, and the EU funded FP7 project on networking for communications challenged regions (N4C). We have since moved onto developing products that are focused on Internet Security.

Our current range of Products are

Our DTN router family of solar-powered WiFi hostpot, DTN router and application servers (pictured right); the value-proposition here is that even ignoring all learning curves, its just cheaper to buy this proven DTN technology than it is to order and assemble all the parts. These devices are ideal for researchers and others who plan to run DTN trials, testbeds or other networking deployments in challenged regions.

We also offer consulting, training and support for DTN router customers or for other users of the DTN2 reference implementation. These services can help you get started with the DTN router or in DTN more quickly and efficiently compared to figuring it all out from scratch.

Our new range of solutions for Internet Security

We have developed a No Password solution based on "Http Origin Based Authentication". We have a site HOBA were we have a working example of the solution.

We have been developing a Home Networking solution for IT professional and privacy conscious users. We will be supplying a router that has computing resources comparable to a small computer. We will setup a virtual machine on this router and link it to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) on the internet, linked together via a VPN. We will deploy all the latest security available. We support IPv6 and have our own password free web server (HOBA).

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