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We resell the Open Source Hardware Turris Omnia Router.

There are two versions of of the product.

1. Turris Omnia 1 GB Wi-Fi, 5x GLAN, 1x SFP, 2x USB 3.0, 3x miniPCI-e

2. Turris Omnia 2 GB Wi-Fi, 5x GLAN, 1x SFP, 2x USB 3.0, 3x miniPCI-e

Product description

The turris omnia is a fine home router, but is not a DSL modem - you still need your upstream connection to the Internet. What the turris gives you is complete control over the router and much more - basically you can do whatever you want with the OpenWrt operating system. This router is therefore mostly intended for users who are interested in the internals of such a machine, but it of course will work fine even if you're not (currently:-) interested in that kind of thing.

Open source Performance Security
Open hardware running free operating system OpenWrt High power dual-core ARM CPU at 1.6 GHz with PC-like performance Secure default configuration, easy setup and automatic updates

Automatic updates
Lack of updates is a security problem for most home routers. The turris omnia offers unattended automatic updates to core components of the system.

The turris omnia uses OpenWrt. This means that you have an open Linux distribution in your device and can do anything you would with a normal Linux server.

Network Attached Storage
Every router with a USB port may be used as a Network Attached Storage (NAS). Unfortunately, many routers are not powerful enough to handle high throughput from a USB connected disk.

Virtual server
You can configure the turris omnia to host a virtual server, which you can use for your software without risk to the main system.

1 to 2 GB RAM
The turris omnia has much more RAM than common SOHO routers. This allows you to use it for much more.

SFP connector
If you have fiber to the home, we can connect you without a middlebox.

Backup connectivity
Do you work from home and Internet connection is crucial for you all the time? By attaching an LTE (4G) USB adapter loaded with a data SIM, you can set up a fallback Internet connection.”


Here is a list of the most important features of Turris Omnia.

CPU 1.6 GHz dual-core ARM
RAM 1 GB DDR3 (optionally 2 GB)
Storage 8 GB flash
LAN 5× Gbit port
WAN 1× Gbit port
USB 2× USB 3.0
Mini PCI Express
mSATA / mini PCI Express
Wi-Fi (mini PCIe) 3×3 MIMO 802.11ac
2×2 MIMO 802.11b/g/n
Package contains
  • Router Turris Omnia
  • Power adapter + cable
  • (3) antenna

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