Tolerant Networks was founded in April 2010 by Stephen Farrell and Kerry Hartnett. The company was spun out of an EU FP7 funded project called N4C in which we used Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN) to enable Internet-like communications in very remote communities. We have successfully completed a range of projects in the area of DTN deployment, educational DTN projects and DTN usage for the European Space Agency. More recently we have been involved with EU funded projects working with nlnet.nl on EU funded NGI Zero projects. We are also working on ECH Encrypted ClientHello mechanism that plugs a few privacy holes in TLS. We are working with guardain project with funding from Open Technology Fund

Dr. Stephen Farrell is a research fellow in the Distributed Systems Group of the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin, (academic home page) where he teaches and researches on security and delay/disruption-tolerant networking (DTN), and in 2006 co-authored the first book on the latter topic. Stephen has been involved in Internet standards for more than a decade - currently (Feb 2017) he is just finishing up six years as IETF security area director. Prior to returning to academia in 2002, Stephen had 15 years experience in industry, working for Siemens and Baltimore Technologies amongst others.

With over 20 years experience in IT Kerry Hartnett is an experienced and versatile senior IT professional. Kerry worked with Intel for 15 years in all aspects of IT. Commercially aware and results-orientated with a wide range of technical abilities, Kerry's planning and organisational skills have enabled him to repeatedly deliver complex integration projects to schedule. Kerry has a BSc. in Information Systems and is currently working on contract as a research engineer on the N4C project. Kerry's current focus is on new technology deployment in networks and research.

Dr. Niall O’Reilly joined Tolerant Networks Ltd in 2015 after more than three decades of experience, mainly in IT Services at University College Dubin (UCD), where he worked in customer support, system administration, and service planning and management. In the period before the Internet, Niall built a continental X.25 network for the European Academic and Research Network (EARN). He subsequently led the implementation team for Phase 2 of HEAnet, which pioneered IP networking in Ireland, with IP and other protocols carried over the public X.25 network (EIRPAC). For nearly a decade, Niall managed the IE domain registry (IEDR) until shortly before this was spun out from UCD. During tnis time, Niall was Chair of the RIPE Top-Level Domain Working Group (TLD-WG) and worked with other European national domain registries to found the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR). Niall was later Co-Chair of the RIPE ENUM Working Group and advised ComReg on its initiative to foster an ENUM infrastructure in Ireland. He was also an advisor to AFNIC, the French national domain registry, serving on their Conseil Scientifique. Niall specializes in the DNS and in automated provisioning and deployment systems.